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People are often confused with what happens after a person who creates a trust passes away.

Similarly, those who are named as successor trustees often wonder “what do I need to do now” and “where can I find help”?

Becoming a successor trustee involves a major time commitment and there are many legal duties of a trustee that may subject the trustee to personal liability if requirements of the trust are not carried out in a proper manner.

That is where Aanestad Law can help you with administering the trust, and in turn, protect you from personal liability while you serve as a trustee.

You are not alone. Together, the attorneys and support staff at Aanestad Law have years of trust administration experience to help guide you through the entire process with competence, efficiency and compassion.

Our Nevada County trust administration lawyers can counsel you regarding your fiduciary responsibilities as a trustee under California law in the event that you or a loved one has been named as a successor trustee.

Settling a Trust Estate

There are a number of requirements in settling a trust estate which may include:

  • Noticing heirs and beneficiaries
  • Marshalling and valuing trust assets
  • Establishing new basis for certain assets
  • Selling real property
  • Liquidating financial accounts
  • Preparing a trustee’s report
  • Accounting and distributing to beneficiaries

In addition, if you are a surviving spouse, trust administration may require an update of your estate plan as necessary to meet the changing needs of you family within the guidelines of the existing trust.

We Are Here to Help

Managing and administering a trust estate can be time consuming and confusing to the uninitiated.

Fortunately, you have help.

Contact Aanestad Law today at (530) 798-4321 and let us put our years of experience in administering trusts to work for you.

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